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Martial arts, when trained under a dedicated master, teach self discipline and leadership skills. That's exactly what has happened for Indi at AKA and Master Mukherjee. I never felt the need to push my kids into any leadership camps as they train at AKA where they are encouraged to lead, help, and support each other all the time. This whole journey of a white to black belt will mold your children into natural leaders clubbed with empathy and self-discipline. When you are part of WTSDA (World Tang Soo Do Association), no matter where you are, you are always accepted with the same fervour. As soon as shelter-in-place was announced, Austin Karate Academy moved virtual. AKA's ability to operate in this new normal is evident from the fact that we actually accomplished testing for promotion to next level belts with the same vigour. I also would like to share this vital point I tell my kids often: Master Mukherjee along with his other teaching staff have full-time jobs. Yet, they never look or sound exhausted when they are at AKA training their students. That passion, dedication, and commitment is what our children need as a take-home lesson

Chandra Krishnan reviewed Austin Karate Academy
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AKA is an amazing place for your child to experience positive self-growth in a great environment. Both our kids have learned valuable life lessons as they progress and strive to move up in rank and skill level. Master Mukherjee is amazing and has a great intuitive understanding of children as they try something challenging in a communal environment. All kids are different and he takes the right approach to bring out the best effort in each one. More experienced students who have been in the program for years are intimately involved in assisting the kids learn forms and techniques. Parents of kids are welcome to sign up with the kids and go through the process together.

Adrian Cardenas reviewed Austin Karate Academy
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Great Karate school!! Excellent instructors! Very family oriented.

Shawn N Sawyer reviewed Austin Karate Academy
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Awesome place to learn martial arts and achieve goals. Super instructor.

Paul Grudowski reviewed Austin Karate Academy
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What a great place to instill confidence, coordination, athleticism, and respect in your child. Our daughter has been training at AKA for almost 10 years (from 5 year old Tiny Tiger to 2nd degree black belt) and has loved every minute.

Tammy Partridge reviewed Austin Karate Academy
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My son has been attending austin karate since he was 5 years old and a white belt. He is now 11 years old and a blue belt and on his road on becoming a black belt. He wanted to quit many times but stuck with it with some encouragement from parents. He loves it and loves teaching the younger belts. He looks forward to class every time he goes. The instructors are helpful and encouraging. My son is more disciplined and takes pride in being a part of AKA.

Manjima Kundu reviewed Austin Karate Academy
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My 2 daughters and I have been part of AKA family for quite some time. They teach not only martial arts, but also good manners, mutual respect, leadership skills and fitness. It is a family like environment. The instructors are kind and friendly. From my own experience as an adult student I can say that you don't have to be strong or in a good shape to get started. You just need to be brave and determined to get started and rest will follow you. Thanks Mr. Mukherjee and Ms. Carla for the push I needed. Great place and I highly recommend for you and your children.

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Stop Bullying – do Karate in Austin TX

Bullying is in the news a lot these days. Hardly a day passes without there being a story about a child who was at the receiving end of bullying – and it can have terrible consequences.

When we look at the problem of bullying, it’s important to do it from both sides. Why are some kids the targets of bullies – and why do some kids feel that they need to bully others? This is a big topic, so I’m splitting it into two emails. Let’s start with the kids being bullied. How can martial arts help them?

There are a few things that can make a child the target of bullies. It’s not the child’s fault, but bullies have a way of picking out kids who are vulnerable for some reason. These vulnerabilities might include:

    • A lack of self-confidence or feelings of unworthiness
    • Non-conformity or something that makes a child different
    • Lack of ability to defend themselves

These are all issues that studying the martial arts can address. Let’s take them one at a time.

Some kids are naturally self-confident, and others aren’t. A child who has a high level of self-confidence is unlikely to be targeted by bullies. Why? Because there’s nothing the bully can gain by going after them. Kids with a strong sense of their own worth will brush off attacks by bullies.

A child who lacks confidence, on the other hand, is easy to target. A bully knows that by picking on someone who doesn’t understand their own worth, they can feel superior. They’ll get a reaction.

Kids are creatures of habit, too. Every kid wonders if they’re “normal,” and sometimes, a kid who’s different is bullied because they make the bully feel self-conscious or uncertain. They bully to reassure themselves that they’re normal.

Finally, some kids are more aggressive than others. They might get their sense of self-worth from being physically dominant. It’s easy to dominate someone who can’t defend themselves, and so kids who aren’t physically strong or coordinated can sometimes be targeted, as well.

What does any of this have to do with martial arts? Well, kids who study martial arts:

  • Learn to trust themselves – they know they can achieve their goals
  • Understand that being different doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be confident
  • Gain control of their bodies and movement
  • Learn how to leverage their body weight to defend themselves

In other words, studying the martial arts makes kids a less attractive target for bullies.